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For purchased creditimpaired loans with common risk characteristics that are aggregated and accounted for as a pool, the determination of nonaccrual or accrual status should be made at the pool level, not at the individual loan level.

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Control requires the institutionto determine the collateral value at the time the loan is placed on the books, frequently inspect the collateral to determine its condition, and impose a curtailment requirement sufficient to keep collateral value in line with loan balances.

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10 Proven Tips on retail Bank Policies and Procedures.

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Criteria for determining whether an existing appraisal or evaluation remains valid will vary depending upon the condition of the property and the marketplace, and the nature of any subsequent transaction.

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Fixed Payment Programs Another practice often used in the collection arena is the fixed payment program. Parental leave on grant credit to the stack of sample credit policy manual for a bank and mutual funds for.

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