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The goal of this study is to illustrate the workings behind consumer behavior with the help of a consumer brand, namely Sunsilk. With this objective, Shampoo brand of selected companies have been selected for examining the propensity of consumer behaviour. New York: Council of State Governments, January.

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The consumers of organic were satisfied with all the attributes of the shampoo except hair repair to some extent and fragrance. After effects of the lotion are also mentioned. Ltd, a Vietnamese Exporter in Baby Products.

Vedshakti, the advertiser has used emotional appeal to keep their customers intact with the product by attacking their emotions. About the Shampoo Product Shampoo is an important FMCG product and it is widely used by the majority of the consumers as a hair care. We use cookies to tailor your browsing experience. KOH to demonstrate fungal hyphae and spores.

Become a Scribd member for full access. Bacteria GasScale with the footprints on sunsilk became the particular evaluation.

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