Homebirth Papers

On this page, you can find a list of research, studies, meta analyses, reviews,  summaries, etc. on home birth to date. If you know of a paper not listed here, please contact webadmin@ahbc.space to have it included. 1996 Healthy low risk women who wish to deliver at home have no increased risk either to themselves … Read more

A practice of decolonisation

To me home birth is a philosophy, not confined to the walls and roof of a whare but much more, it is a way of being that frees you from the confines of a Western society. Home birth is a philosophy, because you don’t have to give birth at home to have a home birth, it is a practice that is holistic, culturally safe, strength-based, whānanu capacity building, grounded in practices of whanaungatanga (reciprocal, responsive and responsible relationships).

Place of Birth – How much choice do we have?

We are a fly on the wall at the first appointment a pregnant mother is having with their midwife or obstetrician, their LMC (Lead Maternity Carer). Among other things, we watch the expectant mother given a pamphlet or other information that explains her three main choices for the place they would like to give birth, … Read more

What you need for home water birth

What you may need: The pool itself – you may like to partially inflate or set up the pool, and then finish it off once labour has commenced Some have suggested having a nice throw over to hide the birth pool if you think you’re going to have a week’s worth of prodromal labour or … Read more

'Birth Basket' containing supplies for during labour and birth and just after birth.

Home birth supplies

Basic must haves A waterproof mat – this can be a blanket over the top of tarpaulin or a plastic drop cloth, a waterproof backed picnic blanket, a birth mat (instructions on how to make one here), etc. Two buckets – one lined with a plastic bag for rubbish and one in case you need … Read more

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