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Alternatives to waterbirth

There are times that birthing in water may be desired but due to various circumstances, isn’t possible. In this article, we discuss the intensity of labour and birth and ways we can cope with and mitigate some of that intensity. Before we get to the actual methods and practical things you can do, it’s worth … Read more

Screenshot of Saraswathi Vedam's presentation, "Home or Hospital: Holding the Space for Human Birth" at TEDxAmherstCollege (YouTube video)

Homebirth Papers

On this page, you can find a list of research, studies, meta analyses, reviews,  summaries, etc. on home birth to date. If you know of a paper not listed here, please contact [email protected] to have it included. 1996 Healthy low risk women who wish to deliver at home have no increased risk either to themselves … Read more

A practice of decolonisation

To me home birth is a philosophy, not confined to the walls and roof of a whare but much more, it is a way of being that frees you from the confines of a Western society. Home birth is a philosophy, because you don’t have to give birth at home to have a home birth, it is a practice that is holistic, culturally safe, strength-based, whānanu capacity building, grounded in practices of whanaungatanga (reciprocal, responsive and responsible relationships).

Place of Birth – How much choice do we have?

We are a fly on the wall at the first appointment a pregnant mother is having with their midwife or obstetrician, their LMC (Lead Maternity Carer). Among other things, we watch the expectant mother given a pamphlet or other information that explains her three main choices for the place they would like to give birth, … Read more

What you need for home water birth

What you may need: The pool itself – you may like to partially inflate or set up the pool, and then finish it off once labour has commenced. You can put soft mats underneath the pool and pillows under waterproof layers, for extra softness and padding You may like to have other materials for waterproofing … Read more

'Birth Basket' containing supplies for during labour and birth and just after birth.

Home birth supplies

Everything on this list is only a recommendation and you can pick and choose what suits you best Basics A waterproof mat – this can be a blanket over the top of tarpaulin or a plastic drop cloth, a waterproof backed picnic blanket, a birth mat (instructions on how to make one here), etc. Two … Read more

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